Rory's proposal

Rory’s Proposal features main character, Flora Robson whose life changes dramatically when she reverses into the back of Tom’s car. Following Flora is thrown into a mass of life changes and events which she tries to overcome. Told primarily through the protagonist; Flora’s, eyes, we form a ‘friend like’ bond with her.

Lynda’s writing successfully creates Flora as a character I think many can relate to, determined and chocolate obsessed. Her life is far from perfect and the book follows all of the ups and downs of her life along with her weird mix of friends and family creating an amusing read.

Chapters told through other characters eyes including the mysterious Tom are used by Renham to give the reader more insight into the characters lives, thoughts and emotions, consequently creating more depth to the book’s story.

Rory’s Proposal is a light read, perfect for a holidays. This humorous book made me laugh out loud throughout, and is well worth a read if you fancy a giggle or need a cheering up.
The relatable characters including Flora and her friends mean everyone who reads it can relate to at least one of the characters therefore making the believable and enjoyable to read.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Amazon (UK)

Amazon US


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